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Why Graphics?

To Explain, Educate and Entertain

Motion graphics are a powerful tool used to communicate a message in an easy-to-understand but interesting manner. Our motion graphic videos allow brands to present an idea, process or key message in a captivating way. Some information is too complex to present in a still image. It wasn’t long ago that infographics was the way to convey a message, now Motion Graphics are used to combine the two. Complex explanations can become vastly simplified through the use of graphical videos.

Just some of the uses of our Graphics work…

  • Graphical explanatory video for businesses
  • Promotional Graphical videos for businesses
  • Graphical Videos for tradeshows, exhibitions and events
  • Powerpoint presentation animation.
  • Television adverts
  • Title sequences and introductions
  • Graphical animated logos / sting
  • Educational animations
  • Infographics


Some examples of our work.

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Escher Group

Escher Group

Escher Group

Stats Graphical Videos

Explanatory Video

Graphical Opening Animation.

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