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Facebook auto-play video ads are here


Facebook Auto-play video ads are here.

So it looks like Facebook has finally given into the world of auto-play video advertising with its long-feared and long-awaited new auto-play video ad feature. Facebook announced the ads are to feature in some News Feeds this week.

The company has offered videos for some time now. However, this ‘video auto-play feature’ is new. Amongst your family photos, pictures of Christmas nights out, you will start to find videos that start automatically, without sound.

So what does this mean? Has Facebook turned it’s allegiance to the billion dollar advertising industry over it’s Facebook users?
Facebook has taken steps to assure people that the video ads won’t be annoying. The videos will only appear silent unless a user taps, clicks on the ad or enlarges it to full screen.
One thing that we will hope to see, is a surge in innovative and interesting video content. For this to work, these ads need to be eye-catching for the user to click on it. It’s the job of the advertisers to ensure that their content is of interest.

Prices for a 15-second auto-play video ad are said to range from US $1million to a whopping $2.5million. eMarketer as estimated that spending on digital video ads will $4.15billion this year – 43.5% up from last year!
Now we know why Facebook are adding the video auto-play feature!
One thing is for sure is, Video and Content still remain King. Hail to the auto-play video ads!

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