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How to Market your Videos on YouTube.


Are you looking to increase your YouTube channel views and subscribers? Do you want to integrate YouTube into your online marketing strategy?

If so, than this week’s blog is just for you… Learn how to market your videos on YouTube with our 10 tips that will help you get the most out of your YouTube videos.


Tip #1 Add a SEO-Optimised title:
Your title in YouTube is essential in helping Google rank your video in Google search, so make sure to use appropriate keywords.


Tip #2 Add a SEO description:
Make sure to include a description that isn’t full of keywords but one that includes your main keywords that you need to describe your video. Only the first few words of the description will be seen in your search, so make sure they count. Also, add a call to action into your description, for example your website or blog should be included. You can also link to all of your social media sites. Make sure when you are posting links that you include the “http(s)” as that is the way YouTube will automatically hyperlink it.


Tip #3 Maximise your tags:
Tags are your keywords, and they are critically important to being found in search results. Make sure you include any relevant tags. It is important that you check back in a month or two to see how that particular video is being found—and change some of the tags that are insignificant. Put long words in “quote marks” so they are searched together.


Tip #4 Promote your video in your company blog/Email list:
Why not use the opportunity to promote your video in your company blog, especially if you are sending out your blog to lots of companies/customers. Always include a link to your video in your blog or embed it in the post so people will view your video. If you don’t have a company blog why not send an email to your entire email list with a message and link to your video. If you send out a periodic email newsletter, mention your new videos in it, too.


Tip #5 Connect to social media:
Mention your new videos in your tweets and status updates, and link to or embed them in the messages and hope that people will like your content so much that they will share your video with their connections. But only promote yourself sparingly on social media sites as self-promotion is often frowned upon.


Tip #6 Advertise on YouTube:
If you can afford it, you can advertise your videos on YouTube, using parent company Google’s AdWords for Video program. The ads appear on the YouTube site, targeting potential viewers and linking back to the selected video or your YouTube channel page.


Tip #7 Turn New Viewers into Subscribers:

One way to do this is with a YouTube Trailer video. YouTube lets you feature a video at the top of your channel when non-subscribers visit. Use the opportunity to tell new viewers who you are, what you do and what they can expect from your content. Upload your company profile video to YouTube Trailer Video.


Tip #8 Share a Customer Success Story:

Upload a customer success video or testimonial video to your YouTube channel. A Testimonial Video will establish a good reputation and is the best way to show off your product or services.


Tip #9 Answer Questions from Fans:

This is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of your product/service/industry. Your potential customers will trust you so much that they will go to you for the answer. Claim your Google Authorship, then connect your Google+ profile with your YouTube channel and use video to deliver your answers.


Tip #10 Share Stats:

Position yourself as a reliable source of information for your customers by producing a video that presents your industry by displaying stats in a way that is unique and shareable. People love statistics and they will share your video with their colleagues. Allowing you to create a trusting, authoritative reputation in your industry.

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