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How to Tell Your Company’s Story in Under 90 Seconds


How to Tell Your Company’s Story in Under 90 Seconds


Written by Sinead Dalton. Sinead  is a co Founder of Mashup Media, which specialises in short, engaging explainer videos for businesses. You can view a wide selection of videos Mashup Media produces on their portfolio page.


Company Profile videos are creating quite a buzz online. Why? Because they are the easiest way for your client to understand what your business actually does and how it can benefit their needs. This blog explores the best way to sell your company in under 90 seconds.

Firstly, you know your business inside out, but your customers don’t! And don’t forget this! Remember when you are explaining your services, don’t forget to explain in a simple and concise fashion. 150 words approx. is about a one-minute script, so keep your script simple.  Also, simplify the visuals so people have time to retain what they’re seeing. Your script is the most important part of the entire process.  Keep this in mind the entire time you work on your script. And remember, keep out the Jargon! You may know the inside lingo but your customers may not – so don’t alienate them by using jargon. Keep in mind who your viewer is when writing your script. Is it the executive of a company or is it your everyday customer? Make sure your script fits with whom your viewer is. And make sure to have FUN! By keeping it light-hearted and friendly, you will come across as approachable and appealing to your audience. Finally, remember to have a clear call of action at the end of your video. Your viewer may not know how to acquire your service so make sure to tell them how to avail of your product/service. “ visit website, call this number, click on the this logo etc.”

It’s important to keep in mind these simple headlines when you’re explaining your business;

1)    Problem: when explaining your business, think about your viewer and how they can relate to your business. Help facilitate empathy. Start by coming up with a scenario that your customers can relate to. A problem that they may have, that your business can solve. If you can tap into their emotions, they’re much more likely to keep watching.

2)    Solution: Purpose a solution. Convey your product/service as the answer to the problem.

3)    How it works: Explain what you do by stating the top 3 benefits of using your solution and how your solution sets your business apart from the competition.

4)    Conclusion: Reiterate the fact that you solved the original problem and offer up your call to action “check out our website, click on the link” etc.

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