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Video Predictions for 2014


Digital Predictions Video Marketing for 2014

The past year has been an exciting and encouraging time for digital video advertising. We’ve seen brands connecting with their consumers through video with more and more interesting and creative content than ever before. But what can we expect from 2014? Will it be as impactful in the world of video that we have seen in the last year? Brand Marketers take note; we’ve looked into our digital crystal ball and come up with our list of predictions for Online Video for the forthcoming year…

1. Mobile Video is still on the up…and up…and up….

Mobile has been and still continues to be an important medium for marketers to advertise directly to their consumers. That is because consumers are always connected to their mobile device. The transition to online video ads via mobile is seamless, which means the consumer has constant and consistent access to video content. Currently there is very little data on mobile video. We see that this will change in 2014 with an improvement in access to data for consumer insights.

2. Growth of Video Marketing

We all know by now that video has the ability to convey a message that is 10 times more powerful than text of the same meaning. We’ve all seen Video content that became an overnight success through viral videos. Video on Mobile devices will help excel the growth of video. Facebook has introduced its mobile ads platform and with video apps like Vine and snpachat, videos are now being created and shared by everyone on mobile devices. Everyone now has access to a video-sharing app on their mobile device.

3. Content Remains King!

If Video Marketing is predicted to continue its high growth this year, than of course it can be expected for content to remain King for 2014. Marketers have accepted a major resource of their efforts needs to be in creating custom content. Content discovery apps such as Flipboard, Pulse and Fancy all support the growth trend. Engaging with consumers through content creation will be a major growth opportunity for brands this year. Brands will be making sure that content drives SEO but that it is engaging and interesting.

4. 3-Way Relationship – Video, Mobile, Social!

The 3 big digital marvels of 2013 will continue their relationship in 2014 through video sharing. With Twitter owning Vine and facebook owning Istagram, watch this space as video becomes the format of choice for people to share their moments and for brands to engage with their customers.

5. Budgets for advertising will be split between Banner display, TV and Online Video.

Companies will allocate advertising budgets separately; that is they will divide up budget spend in 3 ways; banner ads, TV ads and Online ads. This is because companies are seeing that these three mediums of advertising yield different results and metrics of success and therefore require 3 separate budgets.

6. There will be a smaller gap between the worlds of digital and Television.

2014 will see us closer to closing the gap between these two worlds as advertisers look to measure TV ads the way online video ads can be measured making them adopt robust measurement and analytics for their digital and TV ad campaigns, so they can spot synergies between platforms based on cross-channel results.

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